Is It a Good Idea To Pin Your Profession With A Mobile App?

What About Connecting Your Profession with a Mobile App

Writers are launching their books in app version, directors are making their movies available in app version, top mobile app developers are offering services through app, and many others from different professions are making themselves accessible through app – then why don’t you?

Who don’t know about Kim Kardarshian’s game – generated $74.3 million in 2014. Not to forget Taylor Swift’s app – the winner of Emmy Award in 2015. OK, we accept that these personalities are no-less-than a brand due to which their app grabbed quick attention on app stores. You might be not as high as like them, but the app doors are open for all. Not only people with great app idea, but also people with great talent can enter to the app world.

Why Your Profession Needs an app?

The importance of being online is not unknown to you. The one who is not online is considered as the one who doesn’t exist. Soon, the same will prove true for apps as well. It is true today for big brands and companies. Tomorrow, even for freelancers, having an app will become a compulsion because more than half users rely on mobile for every day task including work related matters too.

Another reason is your competitors. Have you ever checked out that people in the same profession – some are earning well while some are limited to a few pennies. Get a thorough journey of top earners and lower one. You will find toppers with an app while low-income professionals without an app.

Some more reasons to have an app are:

  • Your clients need an easy and handy way to reach you
  • With app, it’s easy to connect with customers at anytime from anywhere
  • Your promotions, deals, special events and announcements instantly reach to your clients
  • App makes a better way to connect with new customers

Is it cost effective or not?

“Getting an app of what you are doing” is a familiar sentence these days. But many postpone their app plans due to cost matters. Not all mobile app development companies are charging high. Still, if you are sure that you can’t afford the charge, you can find out a freelancer. If it is also not possible for you, you can go for DIY app making softwares. There you can make your own app and get proper support from company who is offering that particular software.

Is it worth to make an app?

Yes, it is.

Only if

  • It is made according to your profession. Kim Kardashian lives a stardom life. Her app depicts the same. With her app, she gives you a chance to live a stardom life in virtual world. She has built an app according to her profession.
  • It is a bug free app. No one likes to connect with buggy apps.
  • You are ready to maintain your app. Getting an app developed and leaving the rest on fate is not a today’s thing. You have to maintain it by promoting it and by updating it on a regular basis as per users’ demand.
  • You are connecting with clients through app. All your communication must take place through app.

The Takeaway

If you already hold a bunch of clients, an app is a good way to continue. But only app development would not play a role in your career. You need app marketing also to make your visible to those who are looking for services you offer.


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