Top 4 Essential Ingredients of Worth-A-Million Browser App

Top 4 Ingredients to Make A Rich Browser App

Many a times we are talking about app development for games, books, shopping, and many others. But only a few are putting their attention on creating a browser app. And why would many think to build a browser app, when we have all-time popular options like Chrome, Mozilla, and others.

The reason why today I thought of writing about a browser app is whenever I browse something on my smartphone; the Chrome redirects me to some kind of Ad relevant page. It’s too irritating to redirect on an unknown page when you are in a quick to find some information. It requires typing the same query again in Google to reach the page you are looking for. Oh!!! Long process I tell you.

Hence, today, I decided to write on ingredients one should integrate while making an app browser.

1. Ad Blocker

First and foremost, as a user, I would like to have an in-built ad blocker in my smartphone browser. As you know smartphone is too small to find out the reason of why the hell are you redirecting to an unknown page every time you switch to Chrome or Firefox or any other browser.

At desktop version, we have choice to install ad blocker add-on in FireFox and Chrome. But as I tell you smartphone is too small to install a mini ad blocker for a mini browser. That’s why it is more preferable to build a browser with Ad blocker functionality. You can put it at on/off mode to let the users browse on their own terms.

2. Save for Later Read

Due to extra-ordinary redirect irritation from Chrome, I installed a browser named “Free AdBlocker Browser”. This one is free from those annoying ads. Another thing I like about this browser is it provides “save for later read” option. If I don’t have time to read my favourite articles, I can easily save them through this browser at the cost of one click. A teeny-tiny book-like icon is placed at the top right corner allows you to save anything you want to read later.

I know there are many other options than this, but I am a quite like well-satisfied with this. This browser never gave me any reason to switch back on chrome for mobile surfing.

3. Pin To Homescreen

Ok, it’s not possible to remember everything you saved for later, every time. I thought it would be a good idea to save some essentials on homescreen, so that each time I switch to my smartphone, it reminds that I saved something really important for later read. Browsers with “Pin to Homescreen” button helps me remind something important that I should not miss at any cost. To become more advance, you can also provide options like either pin to homescreen or lockscreen.

4. Marker

Being a writer, I madly need this feature. I want to save every word I like. I also want a reference of source from where I had the particular word. An in-built marker with a save for lifetime option may become my reason to switch other browser (only if it is ad free). Otherwise, I can bother annoying ads just because of a marker. Different colour options with a marker will be an added benefit.

What else? Go ahead. If you understand users’ mobile-browser relevant issues, give them another safe plus feature-rich alternative through your own browser. Find out a mobile app development company that can understand your needs and your users’ demand to make you a million-worth app. Or become a DIY app maker for the sake of your users. Also, let me know if you build something like suggested above as I am waiting for a worthy browser change.


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