Why Slack is an Ultimate Choice of Every Organization?

Why Slack is Every Organization

Business people are surrounded by plenty of notifications, mails, tasks, discussions, and other work relevant matters. They discuss on various topics with their colleagues. Reminding all such discussions and decisions is not a trivial matter. Employees waste half a time in concluding what the discussion actually meant. Of course, they can remember a few, but not all.

At such situation, Slack is a godsend for fed-up employees. Slack takes care of all; you just take care of task completion on time.

Today, the fastest growing business app, Slack is an ultimate choice of many organizations. Launched in Feb 2014, the app has grown with 750,000 daily active users. Non-Slack users often wonder what makes the app actually addictive among organizations. Here I am with the answer.

1. It is Colourful

Who don’t want to enjoy the hints of colour at office? Colours are sign of encouragement. They prevent you from getting bored at workplace. Slack knows how to keep users engaged and entertained by providing them a variety of colours. The app provides various themes to choose from as per your choice. Each theme offers a different set of colours to tone up your chat. Emoticons, image uploading, and other visual details remain there to support your conversation.

2. It is Responsive and Enjoyable

I don’t mean to responsive web design. I want to tell that Slack response perfectly to your each in-app action. It makes you feel like a head honcho of your company. When you type in chat box, an auto-editor remains there rectifying your words in real-time, so that you never regret because of minor English errors.

When you upload a file, it tells you with a pop-up “you are uploading a file and it will accessible to those in the team”. It will also teach some shortcuts to immediate upload. This is how Slack offers you an enjoyable experience.

3. It builds here & now environment

The word “slack” generated from idiom called “slack off” which means to reduce gradually. Slack is actually made to reduce your work. But the app changed the whole meaning. In organizations, Slack users often use the sentences like “slack that file” (send that file to me on slack), “can you slack that to me?” or many others. Slack is here and now (available on the go). Available on web, desk and mobiles. So, instead of saying “send me the file on skype”, it’s easier to say “slack me the file”. We are using Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail on a regular basis. But they haven’t yet taken place where we can say “Facebook the file”, “Gmail the file”. If we say something like this, it will look dumb as far as I know.

4. Your Data Saved to Dropbox

Feel relax if you are sending file through Slack. Your files are safe and secure in Dropbox. Slack incorporates Dropbox to save your file and keep them forever. Even after 10 years, you will be able to download that file through Slack.

5. Multiple Channels

Slack keeps you connected with other services like GitHub, Travis, Help Scout, etc. It means each piece of your code is saved at one place.
All in all, if utilized in a right manner, Slack can be your holy grail for many tasks including chat, discussions, group discussions, document safe, and others.

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