AppMania: Top 6 Apps for Women Safety

Top 6 Apps for Women Safety

Girls are well-aware of those horrifying news going common these days. Fear whistles hit the mind when women step out of home after sunset. It’s not safe to go alone anywhere. But also, it’s not fair to put a stop on your dreams just because of fear. You are living in this digital era where everything is possible. You can’t stop the rain, but can take umbrella to face the rain. Likewise, you can’t stop the crime, but can take steps to build security walls.

First and foremost step is to embrace digital technology for security concerns. The whole world is in your hands via smartphones. Don’t use it only for entertainment purpose; use it for security purpose with apps exclusively made for women safety. Here are some great ones build by top app development companies:

1. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

VitU app gives you a power button that you should click two times whenever you are in danger. This will send alert messages to your contacts on every 2 mins along with your updated location details. The message will say “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.”

2. Family Locator

Create a circle with those whom you would like to be in contact with. Family locator lets you track their locations in real time. Those who are there with you in app will also be able to track your location in real time. Everybody in circle will receive alert each time when anyone in the group arrive or leave the destination.
Apart from security matters, this app is good to get directions towards your favourite destinations.

3. bSafe

This app is for alone walkers or joggers. May be sometimes you get late due to work or other matters. You may find yourself alone on the path. This app will find you a nearby friend from your social circle who can walk you home. You can create your own social circle that you trust the most.

4. Smart24X7

This app is not limited to your contacts. It will send message to nearby police stations whenever you press panic button. Smart24X7 will also call hospitals or fire station if you found anyone in need of such services. This app is for all including women, men, senior citizen, etc.

5. Women Safety Secured


No press, no click, no button, just shout and your loved ones will receive your voice in few seconds. The app will get alerts with your shout and send messages to your contacts.

6. Safetipin

The most lovable thing about this app is it alerts you whenever you walk through an unsafe place. It lets you know which place is safe to go for. Frequent women travellers will love this app as it eliminates chances of insecurity. Other features of this app are like the same including GPS tracking, contacting circle, alert messages, etc.

Closing Move

My personal recommendation is not to rely on others. When you use to travel outside of city or country, you will often get advice to practice some basic karate moves. If you haven’t yet started that, make your way towards to be eligible to go anywhere your dreams say. Till then, you have these apps as a part of your safety.


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