How Users Behave-Like With Your App? And Why?


App owners never be assure about user behaviour. Users’ are different with frequent changing moods. Your targeted audience (users’) can be young, adults, housewives, business people, etc. All think differently about your app. They can take any action within app at any time. But their changing behaviour many times gets affected by the app itself.

App developers are always in search of reasons for what make their users stick with app or stay away of app. They know how their users behave with app, but they forget to keep in-check how their app behave-like with users.

Users’ app decisions are mostly driven by app. A good app stays for a long in users’ smartphone while a bad app reflects instant uninstall decision of users. Likewise, many other users’ decisions are rely on various app factors. Let’s have a brief on each of them along with users’ journey through app.

How users reach to your app?

  • Through Word-of-mouth (friends, relatives, co-workers, etc.)
  • Through Social Networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.)
  • Through News or Press Releases (Techcruch, Mashable, Google Alerts, etc.)
  • Through Search Engines
  • Through Search on App Stores
  • Through Your Company’s Website
  • Through Ads (If placed anywhere)

These are common options through which users’ generally land to the app page.

Why Users download your app?

  • They found it useful
  • They read great reviews & ratings
  • They will get deals/discounts through app
  • They viewed impressive screenshots or video
  • They found exactly what they were looking for


Why users don’t download your app?

  • Bad reviews & ratings
  • Boring screenshots or video
  • Showing errors during download/installation process
  • Found similar but more interesting app than the current one
  • Undefined app icon

Why users put your app in their smartphone for a long?

  • Found it beneficial
  • Found it entertaining or fun
  • It eases to achieve some of their tasks
  • It has easy to learn one-touch features
  • It is a flawless app


Why users immediately uninstall your app?

  • It is buggy
  • Complicated designs
  • Take more than usual time to complete a task
  • Irrelevant or insufficient information
  • Fail to meet users’ expectations
  • Irritating pop-ups
  • Battery consuming
  • Redirecting to mobile pages

Why they make in-app purchases?

  • Heart-winning deals or money saving discounts
  • Personalized alerts
  • Appreciable customer service
  • Redeemable in-app points
  • Rewarding Loyalty Programs


Why they refuse to make in-app purchases?

  • Long or complicated payment process
  • Out-of-mind checkout process
  • Incomplete product information
  • Available coupon codes are not working
  • Prices are comparatively higher

Closing Move

These are a few reasons due to which users either love to be with your app or stay out of it. You need serious analytics to improve what’s impressive and to eliminate what’s poor. Realtime in-app analytics will help you determine what’s exactly your users are looking for.


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