5 Tricks B2B Marketers Must Follow This Season

App Relevant Tricks Essential to Follow for Bulky B2B Sales

LinkedIn is a first choice of B2B marketers followed by Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. In extras, blogs, content, articles, press release, etc., are also playing their part in B2B sales. But apart from these common ways, this year brings some new paths to achieve success with B2B.

With smartphones and mobile app success, you can have access to extraordinary result-oriented tricks to boost your B2B sales. 5 important one are:

1. Tweet it more for someone

  • 65.8% of US companies rely on Twitter for marketing purposes
  • 25% of Twitter advertising budgets is dedicated to mobile
  • 74% people follow SMBs through Twitter to get latest updates
  • 23% of millennials follow a brand on Twitter

Finally say bye bye to those cold calling days. In this digital era where targeting is more specific, you have to know first that who is interested in your product. Tweet about your products and the initially interested buyers will land to your product page through Twitter. Tweet whatever you have or whatever you update to call the interested people in a digital manner.

2. Create a mobile app to manage your B2B business

Not only general users, but businesses are also heading over an app way. Many businesses have built app for a proper management. And when it comes to B2B, you must adopt an app to avail below given benefits:

  • To manage inventory and order supplies
  • To schedule events
  • To be updated with information about upcoming conference
  • To deliver updates
  • To connect with new clients and take care of existing one
  • To encourage networking
  • To distribute specific content to specific audience
  • To drive mobile traffic to your business
  • To boost your branding

What’s more you need to know to say “yes” for app. Find out a best mobile app development company to build a mind-blowing app structured with all the above given benefits.

3. Responsive Email Design – One Size Fits All

Users are surrounded by PC, Tablets, Smartphones and Smart Watches. They can check your email on any of this device. If your email is only made for PC, then users will easily reject to read it on smartphones. Don’t think that they will turn to PC just to check out a single mail. Better to embrace responsive email design to make your emails fit for all devices.

4. Far-reaching Marketing Plan

If you believe in social media, in mobile apps, in content or everything incorporates online presence, you must have a marketing plan to manage them all. A marketing plan will help reach far than your expectations. Don’t just go on assumptions basis or don’t rely on “do whatever you want at any time”. Schedule a marketing plan and go step-by-step to measure your success.

5. Keep an eagle’s eye on user behaviour

Users are fond of habits, desires and usage patterns. They must have some likes and dislikes. Analysis will help you stay updated with changing users’ behaviour. You have to give users what they are expecting for. You have to improve what users’ like and exclude what users’ hate. This will get you a huge team of loyal users.

Bottom Line

It’s time to upgrade your plans to get a successful B2B year. Don’t forget to include an app and a marketing plan to take a good care of your users as well as your employees.


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