10 Things You Should Verify Before Choosing a DIY Mobile App Maker

DIY Mobile App Maker Selection Checklist

For App dreamers – with little to zero budgets for app development – DIY app makers are like God’s Gift. No more you will be called App dreamers as you can step out to fulfil your dream of making an app that can be a primary source of income. Thanks to DIY platforms and their owners offering DIY Mobile App Making services.

Now coming to the point. Do you know even with a DIY mobile app development, you have many choices like the way you have choices with hundreds of mobile app development companies? You have to select a DIY app making platform the same way one could select the app development company as per his needs.

To make up your mind for a perfect DIY app maker, you have to confirm that the selected one has the below given abilities:

1. Don’t Require Coding Skills

It’s good if you have little coding skills, but it’s preferable to look for the one require zero coding knowledge. A platform with zero coding skills is a biggest time saver. Also it keeps you away from confusions. It’s supremely easy to drag and drop with zero-coding-skills DIY app maker.

2. Target Multiple Platforms

May be you have plans to go for a single platform as it is just a starting. But to reach wider audience you must make an approach for app maker supporting multiple platforms. At least, it must be supportable for two biggest app stores called iTunes and Google Play.

3. Offer Preview Mode

You are not going to test each and every task you implemented while making an app. DIY app maker with preview mode help you see whatever you inserted in an app. So make sure your selected platform comes with this feature.

4. Tools as per needs

Your app can be anything: an online shop, a blog, a problem solver, etc. DIY app maker must have tools as per your needs. For e.g. if you want to create an online shop through app, you need tools like menu, submenu, payment section, contact pages, etc.

5. Marketing Tools

No matter, it’s your initial stage towards app world; you necessarily need marketing tools to get your app noticed. With billions of apps available on app stores, it’s tough to catch users’ eye. Therefore, look for a platform offering marketing tools like social media integration, email marketing, push notifications, content sharing, etc., to integrate within your app.

6. App management tools

App is not going to manage on its own. Either you or the one making your app must be there to take a good care of it. At any time, you may need necessary changes to app demanded by situation or users. DIY app maker must avail you facilities of editing, updates, etc. Also, make sure that you don’t require resubmitting your app at app store just because of minor changes.

7. Analytic Tools

You need something to measure your app’s success. Analytics help you measure your app’s performance and user engagement. It also provides you detailed reports of interaction between app and users. DIY app maker with analytic tools will be a great platform to go for.

8. Support

Of course, you will get fully fledged DIY app maker, but once in a while you may need back-end support for a little push. Never rely on app maker that don’t offer support; you may end up in between your app development journey. Select the one that assures support at any stage.

9. App Store Submission

What if you app gets rejected? You don’t know exact reason as you are the person with little knowledge of proper guidelines. Ok, let’s say you read the guidelines and implemented the same properly. Even after that, your app may hits rejection. To be on a safe side, choose a DIY app maker that offers auto app submission facility.

10. Costs

Even DIY app making platforms charge some price in exchange of giving you their platform for app development plus support. Select the one within the limits of your budget.
After getting aware of perfect DIY app maker you actually need, it’s a good time t o jump on Google to find the one.


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