5 Ways Mobile Apps Made Waves In 2015 & How To Leverage Its Benefits In 2016


First month of New Year is full of goal setting and strategies. All entrepreneurs are busy in making master plans to become a spotlight of 2016. What to do and what not to do? What to include and what to exclude? Everything is on the list to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk factors.

Now, take some time out of your busy schedule and tell me: are you neglecting mobile apps? If no, don’t worry or if yes, let me aware you that 2015 was ruled by apps. The trend will continue in 2016 also.

It’s a perfect time to convince yourself for apps. And to help you with app investment, I have listed here trends spotting mobile apps – revealing the increased value of apps and how to take the most out of it.

1. Apps are omnipresent. You should too.

More than half people across the globe spent their time on digital media. Smartphone users spent their 89% of time with mobile apps.

With your own mobile app, your business will also become omnipresent. An app remains with users wherever they go. Providing app to users equals to providing them a way to reach you anytime from anywhere.

2. App retention and engagement levels are improved to fulfil consumers’ appetite

  • Alone the US has 224 million active monthly app users.
  • The amount of time spend on apps has increased by 21% since last year
  • 74% consumers use their smartphone for shopping purpose

Consumers are going crazy for app. Whenever they have task to perform, first thing in their mind is “let’s check it whether it can be done with app or not”. There-is-an-app-for-that moments help users with their activities. Users’ curiosity for app has drastically improved the app retention and engagement levels.

2016 is the year of apps. Maximum consumers hit the app for accomplishing their tasks. It would be recommended that your app must be present there at app store in case if your audience land there to find an app-way to reach your business.

3. 42% of total mobile sales came from mobile apps. Is yours the one?

500 merchants generated 42% of total sales from mobile apps. If you are the one, you must be among these. As mobile apps are everywhere, they generate sales from everywhere – from social media, push notifications, word-of-mouth, etc. Users play with apps all the time through Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. They spread the word of mouth of things they like the most. That’s why; all such media become a way to generate leads directly or indirectly.

You must take maximum benefit of users’ network with an app. Your business app will turn into a topic that users talk about with their connections.

4. App revenues are estimated to grow from $45,37B in 2015 to $76.52B in 2017. Be a part of it.

In-app purchases, paid apps, in-app ads, etc, all are generating revenue beyond your expectations. Future app revenue estimations are also high. Isn’t it a good idea to add revenue expectations with your app too?

If you have a loyal audience, it will take less time to grow further with your app. You can leverage extra ordinary revenue benefits through app. Loyal consumers build word-of-mouth of your app to enlarge the circle of consumers’. And how much time it will take for one consumer to transfer an app to another one. An app easily magnetizes new consumers with the help of existing one.

5. Brands are more interested in Mobile Ad Investment than Online Ads

According to Statista, mobile ad revenue spending is 50 billion dollars in 2015. Estimations say that the figures will reach up to 114 billion dollars by 2018. This is the reason why brands are more interested for mobile ad investment.

Bottom Lines

Statistics are inspiring enough to convince you for app development trends. Make it happen before it gets too late. Find out best app development companies to work on your app project.


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