5 Apps Daily Bloggers Can’t Live Without


Bloggers have too many tasks per day. They need to keep themselves updated with latest trends, they require finding a unique topic for writing, they write 1000+ words each day, proofreading, editing and lots of things are on the plate. Their real life is a blend of creativity, writing and blogging. Tons of ideas keep their mind busy all the time even in nights.

To see this, sometimes I think how daily bloggers manage their too busy life. Do they save time for their family and other activities too? After an ideal research, I came to know that they save time + manage everything with the help of resources.

Bloggers always remain in touch with their favourite resources that help them live a manageable life. Previously, they were carrying books to note down everything that hit their mind. Later, computer replaced the books. And now, it is mobile which is extremely easy-to-carry.

One day I got a chance to see a blogger’s mobile. I must say: Never miss an opportunity to check-out the blogger’s smartphone. Thanks to that chance due to which I get familiar with some apps looking like gift for bloggers. After that, with quite deeper research I came to know more about apps and their usefulness for bloggers. Sharing the same with you. May be you are the one seeking for such apps.

1. Blogger – iOS, Android

Blogger is a perfect app to publish post on the go. It gives you a home to perform each part of blogging. With blogger, you can accomplish many tasks on your fingertips like posting, editing, image uploading, schedule posts, save in drafts, etc. You can save images to gallery for future use. Adding location information to your blogs is a matter of seconds with Blogger.


2. WordPress – iOS, Android

WordPress is first-to-go choice for many bloggers. Even if I talk about myself, I prefer to publish on WordPress just because it shows good traffic and provides analytics properly. Bloggers can leverage all the benefits of WordPress in smartphone like the way they have on Desk. From posting to tagging, from viewers to analysis and from managing to anchoring, everything can be done with the help of this pocket-size app. In extras, bloggers can take advantage of capturing images and videos with Quick Photo and Video Options.


3. Evernote – iOS, Android

This one is my favourite and others too. Evernote is not only famous among bloggers, but also among professional junkies. I named this app as “management material” because it helps to manage busy bloggers life. One can save anything like articles, documents, photos, etc., for later read. It involves tags with the help of which one can find anything saved in past. You can also use it as a note making app. And my most favourite feature is Snapshot with which I can capture anything that I want to remember.

It reminds me of old-age journals when bloggers wrote down whatever they wanted to remember for future use.


4. Adobe Express – iOS, Android

This works like an Express. Everything at a fast pace. Fast editing, manipulating, cropping, correcting, etc. If you like something that can do the things within seconds, this app is for you. Moreover, it supports almost all blogging platforms. That’s why Adobe Express is a go-go app for many bloggers.


5. Google Photos – iOS, Android

Google Photos acts like a problem solver. It solves your problem of huge file saving as it has a good space to save vast number of images. You have access to Google Photos from all devices. So next time whatever you think you would need at anywhere at any time, you can save the same in Google Photos. It also gives you option to share your saved photos in your circle. And there’s much more within this app that’s worth for Bloggers.


To Sum Up: Well, there are many apps available exclusively for bloggers. Above are the one that I found most in Bloggers’ smartphone. May be you have a different choice. Don’t forget to share it in comments. I would like to know which app is like a God’s grace for you.

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