6 Common Reasons Why Apple Rejects Your App

6 Little Known Reasons to Save Your App From Apple Rejection

In 2008, 32 apps per day were submitted to the iTunes app store. Now, the submission figures are 1,976 apps per day. Going through each app for approval process is a difficult job for iTunes Workers. To ease it, Apple has strict guidelines of some common and uncommon reasons to reject an app. Your app can be rejected due to anything from a common reason of misspelling to an uncommon reason like pornography.

For iOS app developers, approval process is the most traumatic part. Their weeks/months of app development struggle may fall into pieces just because of a single mistake. It’s better to save your app before it hits a rejection nightmare.

Avoid future conflicts. Keep the below given basic-app-rejection-reasons in mind while making an app.

1. Poor or incomplete information

Apple never accepts an app without complete information. On an average, 14% of total iOS apps get rejected due to incomplete or poor information. So, before submitting your app, make sure you have everything on hands to reveal iTunes testers and users as well. Start making notes of features your app has (start this from the beginning of app development to track each feature, its uses and changes in app).

At the end, when you finally sit on couch to make information for app submission, the prepared notes will help you get to the point.

2. Skip all bugs or crashes

It’s a warning not to think like “it’s OK if my app has some minor bugs”. Because Apple is an expert bug recognizer. Pass your app through as many app testing as possible to eliminate maximum bugs or crashes. Otherwise, you require going through app resubmission process.

3. Users’ Privacy is a priority

What if you install an app and it picks up personal data saved on your smartphone like name, email id, contacts, etc. without granting permission from you. You never ever install that app again once you know what it is doing with your smartphone. Also, next time you will be afraid of downloading other apps. The case is same with users.

For Apple, users’ are first. One of the reasons why Apple has strict app approval policies is users’ safety. Make sure your app doesn’t pick up personal data automatically. Apple instantly rejects your app no matter how great and flawless it would be. Make an app that asks for permission before taking any action.

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4. Harmful-for-Religion App

According to App Store Review Guidelines section 19.1, you are not allowed to submit app exposing any targeted group or religion with the purpose of causing harm or violence. Apps like this are strictly prohibited at iTunes store without any chance to resubmit.

5. Close to existing one

If your app or theme is too close to the one already there on the store, make sure it will be rejected.

6. Metadata

Metadata includes names, descriptions, rates and rankings. Specific name and description relevant to your app are must to pass iTunes test. Don’t copy name or description from others if you don’t want your app to get rejected.

Bottom Line

Above are the common reasons due to which Apple can reject your app. You should read more to know more as Apple is strict even for minor mistakes. It has a list of guidelines for each section like interface guidelines, app store review guidelines, etc. Even after applying all rules & regulations, if your app gets rejected, you can submit an appeal for resubmission.


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