Essential Ingredients to Make an Addictive Mobile Game


When I was devoid of smartphone, I had a bad habit of checking out the others one. My first attention was on the mobile games. Common games that I found in each smartphone were Subway Surfer, Temple Run, Candy Crush Saga and Talking Tom. Even when I bought the smartphone, I filled it with the same games and some apps.

When I started playing those mobile games, I felt a magic of being instantly addictive to them. And today after playing a lot, I am thoroughly thinking about the reasons of being addictive. What on earth those games have that make us mad behind?

With my not-so-absolute research, I found some essential ingredients every popular mobile game has in common.

1. Smooth Finger-touch Controls

One thing I like the most about mobile games is their smooth finger-touch controls. We don’t need to thumb hard to make moves, jump high, turn left/right, etc. Smooth finger-touch controls allow us to focus on game instead of touches. Temple Run is one such game with healthy controls. Just a smooth tap at up/down/right/left is required to jump high, skip obstacles, collect coins and power-ups.

2. One and only Clear-Cut Goal

Addictive games are gifted with one single goal. A single goal you try to reach too many times in different ways. This thing let’s you achieve a mastery in beating challenges no matter through which way it arrives. Cut the Rope is a perfect fit for this point. In the game, your goal is to feed the frog. All its levels have same goal, but each one has a different challenge to test your skills.

3. Baby Missions

When I stand in queue, waiting for the food order to serve, travelling through bus or doing any activity that includes waiting – at that time, my intention is to seal my mind with easy and fun activities. That is possible only with mobile games. But the thing is why only those addictive games. Because they have baby missions that one can complete within minutes. Again, we can talk about Cut the Rope. You all know that it hardly takes 5-10 minutes to complete a level.

4. It is something to aim for

My lunch hours are devoted to Candy Crush Saga. My only aim is to get lives back to win the particular level. It is a never-ending process. Once I complete a level, next one is waiting for me with a new challenge. And my aims to win all those levels are also endless. These addictive games give us aim to complete levels which makes us curious to come back again & again.

In a nutshell

Highly addictive games are neither too complicated nor too easy to complete – just tricky to keep people of all ages hooked for a long time.

About OpenXcell

Openxcell is a passionate mobile game development company. From game concept to deployment, it takes care of each step till the game reaches to its deserving place. Even after submission, company remains there to provide a helping hand to Game’s owner. Till today, the company had built many award-winning games that achieved top ranks on app stores.


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