How to hire Great Developers? Let’s Learn it from Facebook

app-developers-teamIn her interview, Julie Zhuo –Director of Product Design at Facebook – shared several strategies of Facebook that make the site unique than others. Among such, what caught my attention the most is Facebook’s hiring process.

Developers are the base of app development. They can either make it up for success or fall to pieces. People with fresh app ideas need app developers that deeply understand what the idea is and how to connect it with business. They must think thoroughly about strategy, users’ need and revenue opportunities. From designing to UX, marketing to earning and business to customers – everything relies on a single app. Then why not to spend some quality time in searching for app developers to make a worthy app.

When it comes to hire app developers, it would be a good idea to learn procedures from record-breakers like Facebook. Julie Zhuo helped a lot to steal something from Facebook’s hiring process.

Part 1

Don’t look for developers, look for great apps and the developers behind
When an app or game like Whatsapp, Candy crush saga, Xender, etc., got a hit, we became curious to know who was there behind to build these great ground breaking apps. Follow the same human behaviour. Start your search for apps (if possible, relevant to your app idea). Find out who had built the masterpiece.

Build Relationships
You are not going to find best developers at a single pitch – it’s rare. But you must have a word with each one comes on your way. May be you don’t find them handy at first meeting, but what’s the loss to keep them in contact. Their contact will take you to another contact which you find more suitable for app development job. Another reason to build relationship is: you may need them at any stage.

Reach to Broad Developers’ Network
Each developer has its own mastery in a different development subject. A single developer might not help you out with the whole project as there are many stages like design, development, UI, etc. As I have already given you a tip to build relationship with developers, your next tip is to keep expanding your network – may be you need a whole team to work for different aspects of app.

Part 2

  • Talk About Work They have Done Before

Facebook puts candidates on-site to see their work and show the same to other team members. This might be not possible for you, but still you can see their work and talk about the same with developers. You have their apps; you can ask as many questions as you like to see check their skills.

  • Look for Passion, Not Graduation

Not every graduate-from-a-top-university is suitable for your development projects. Developers graduated from an average college can also be a perfect fit for your needs. Passion matters more than Graduation. So, always look for passion instead of graduation data.

  • A Problem Fixer

After that passion-graduation-point, you must be thinking of how you come to know that developer is passionate. Developers often collide with hacks which they love to solve. To test them, give them a problem you are facing with your app idea. Their solving skills prove their passion.

  • Play with their minds

Tell them to depict the story of how they will design your app like essentials of mobile app as per your business needs. Remember one thing, he/she can’t tell everything at first. Developers need time to think well about an app. This is just a trick to analyze his/her capacity.

By applying all the above given tips on developers, you will find the one or a team or may be an app development company you get most impressed from. All the best.


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