Five Future Trends Putting a Stop on App Development Challenges


With the ever increasing demands of users for apps, businesses are rushing for app development to serve their customers’ needs. App development projects are crossing the limited abilities of app development companies. Also, difficult technical skills, slow development process, long development periods, limited tools, inefficient technological infrastructure, etc., all are acting as a barrier between app developers and completion of projects.

According to a recent survey by Appcelerator, 73% of enterprises have built less than five apps and 39% haven’t built anything yet. It is a clear indication that enterprises are seriously struggling due to mobile app development challenges.

Challenges occur because of the complex nature of mobile ecosystem. To beat the challenges, you have to simplify the complexity. It is impossible to cover the challenges by working overtime as it makes you feel tired from work. The best way to minimize these challenges is the use of tools promoting faster app development work. Let’s spend some time to understand what those tools are and how they can help mobile app developers.

1. Cloud-based app development tools

63% CIOs have desire to build apps in Cloud and 63% are expecting to increase the use of cloud-based app development technology.
Cloud-based technology comes with multiple benefits that developers are seeking for. It provides flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, facilitates real-time updates, reduce costs, and quickens app development work.

2. Non-developer Tools

Many have mindset that non-developer tools are only for people with less or zero programming knowledge. Yes, these tools are designed for non-developers. But also they are designed to stimulate developers’ work. You can add tools at different app development stage from start to end.

3. Simple-to-use tools

App development companies have reported at least 7 months to build a single app. That’s too less to meet the current rising demands. Simple-to-use cloud-based tools are made to cut app development time almost half or less.

Daily market introduces new tools to add to your app development regime. These tools add power to the capacity of app developers as well as marketers. Such tools don’t require particular skills as one can work with basic knowledge.

4. In-built App Marketing Tools

Marketing is necessary to get your app noticed. After development, you have to give your tons of hours/days/weeks/months for marketing. It will be a better option to get that marketing done with the help of in-built app marketing tools.

Some tools like in-app purchasing, push notifications, advance analytics, etc., will help you promote app with ease after launch. They also cut down your app marketing time plus cost.

5. Real-time updates

It takes a long to update an app and resubmit it to the app store. It’s a tiresome procedure. To avoid it, you need tools to update app in real-time without the mess of resubmission.

Cloud-based app development tools allow you to update your app in real-time. You can make minor changes instead of replacing your whole app.

Bottom Lines

One solution to multiple app development issues is cloud-based app development tools. Adopt them soon and keep yourself updated with daily introducing new tools to cut down app development time as well as cost.


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