Mysterious Castle – A New Adventure For Your Smartphone

A New Adventure For Your Smartphone

Mysterious Castle, a game packed with 3D world, challenging puzzles, and mind-boggling visuals has recently received positive reviews from its fans. So, I thought I must share it with you. May be your smartphone is looking for another adventurous change.

The game is an invention of Openxcell Studio. When the game entered to the app store market, it received 10K+ installs which caught my attention the most. And 3.9 rating made my decision firm to install the game to see what’s within. Apart from this, if you want more reasons to download this game, you can have a look on screenshots uploaded. Those old age secret designs must boost your excitement towards the game. A single warning for you. Just don’t get scare to see that monk – he is there only to guide us.

When you enter, you will simply be amazed with the overall quality of the game – the way graphics are coloured, the ways scenes are picturized, and the challenges inserted within, all makes you feel like a hero of a movie.

When I started recognizing the game, I feel like my decision to download the game was right. I was quite impressed from the mixture of complexity & simplicity of the game. The game is stuffed with 10 levels, each one with a different game mode and a challenge. As you go up, you will feel a wave of increasing difficulty.

The most amazing part of Mysterious castle is the strategy it follows. As far as I know, mobile games with good strategy make their own luck. I am glad that Mysterious Castle is one of them. Each level of this game has its own unique strategy to challenge you or to prevent you to unlock the next level.
Overall, in Mysterious Castle, the route to success is difficult plus adventurous plus enjoyable.


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