How To Merge An App With Brand? Let’s Learn It From Viber

Viber’s Journey From Messaging App To Lifestyle Brand

App developers or app makers are always surrounding here and there to find some app making hacks. They are constantly in a search of improvement ideas 24/7 (yes, even in their night dreams). But only few of them are aware of the fact that we can learn from what’s there nearby us.

Why should we beat our brains out if we have those ideas in our pocket? I am talking about popular apps residing in our smartphone.

Well, you have good time to study all your apps, but for now, I am turning your attention towards your favourite app: Viber.

Viber, a well known app + brand with 664 million global users is a centre of attention today. Viber started with a free calling app continued to be alive and kicking as per the demand of users. Now, it is named as entertainment ecosystem. Viber had an amazing journey from rags to riches. And if you are at initial stage of your mobile app development process, you should learn from Viber on how to become a brand.

What makes Viber different from others?

Initially, Viber was a free calling app. Later, free messaging, group messaging, video calling and public chat added to it. It also has a game market. Viber works with an aim to entertain users and constantly add ingredients that can increase entertainment level. Today, the results are: Viber is a one-stop-shop for exciting and entertaining content experience.

How Viber merge with brands?

Stickers are the treasures of Viber. Viber connects users with brands with the help of these not-looking-so-valuable stickers. Quite unique strategy.

Viber partners with brands to create stickers packs depicting the products or offers provided by brands. The app offers such stickers to users’ free-of-charge. The minute consumer download the sticker, he/she becomes a follower of Viber’s Public Chat service (where he connects with brands offered that sticker). You will find this function within Viber with the name called “Free and Follow”. This is how a small sticker works like a brand connecter. And this is how Viber works with brands.

How Viber’s sticker strategy is stickier than others?

Like Viber, many other apps offer free stickers, then why users like to connect with Viber only?

Because Viber doesn’t believe in creating cute stickers that catch immediate attention. Of course, cuteness has more power to grab attention than others, but it is not something like work-for-all. Everybody has its own choice, its own attitude. Some like cuteness while some like charm; some are attracted towards beauty while some go after delicacy and so on.

Viber has a large user base. Obviously, each of them has its own choice with its own mood. That’s why instead of building cute stickers only, Viber generates different types of stickers for different types of expressions. Whatever you feel or like, you will get that available in sticker-version within Viber. In Viber language, it’s called stickers with attitude.

At the end

With plenty of services (still expanding) and constant rise of improvement & entertainment levels, Viber keeps users stick with app and magnetize new users to join the community. It’s clear that building an app is not enough, but to keep it improving for the sake of users is a key part of its success.


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