The Mobile Map war between Apple and Google

Apple is planning to launch new mobile map for iPad and iPhone instead of Google maps. And Google has decided to improve in the Google maps and Google Earth. This has led to a cold war between Google and Apple for Mobile maps.

The iPhone and iPad has been using Google Map by default. It has been pre-installed with its operating system, iOS. As per Wall Street Journal, 90 percent of US phone users use Google map for finding the exact location. This makes mobile map a critical asset for Apple.  That’s why it decided to move from Google Map’s mapping system and instead build their own. It is very difficult for Apple to purchase license of the technology for mobile maps from the Google and Google isn’t either interested in giving the license to Apple. So Apple decided to offer its customers better service for Map with unique and better features than Google’s. This is expected to give iPhone and iPad app developer new ways of developing GPS tracking apps.

The cold war doesn’t end here. It’s no secret that Google’s android and Apple’s iOS are the two fiercest competitors in the mobile space. In order to make android ‘more’ feature-rich Google maps powered by Android has street view capabilities. This feature was not passed down for Apple’s iOS. So Apple has been working hard to create its own mapping software and service. iPad app developer will benefit the most by leveraging Apple’s all-new mobile mapping system.

As per Journal, Apple needed more data for the final step of Mobile map: building its “geocoder”. It is the code that translates longitudes and latitudes into actual addresses. Apple has also purchased Poly9, C3 Technologies and Placebase to boost its mapping capabilities. Apple quietly launched its geocoder in the latest iPhone software. In this while the iPhone users open its map application, it translate their position as per Apple technology. Its new technology for map may have the zoomable 3D features.

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