Windows Phone app development to Benefit due to apple’s Monotony

The feature rich windows phone is likely to see more activity from windows app developers. Read why?

Windows Phone app development is likely to see a boom in the coming times. The windows app market has 80000+ apps and adding more each day with lightning speed. The store is also getting organized day by day and giving better app suggestions to its users. Windows phone 7 developers have churned out a good deal of money with applications like shuriken ninja and top truck and are making more applications for the growing windows platform.

Let us see why windows will expand in the coming years:-

Nokia handsets packed with Windows phone OS are worth a compliment

Combined with the award winning Nokia Lumia 900 and other nokia phones, Windows mobile 8 has proved itself as a smart buy which is worth the money. The metro interface with its revolving tiles is also welcomed by critiques as a differentiating visual element. Experts say that the interface is refreshing and sets windows apart from the typical grid style view in iPhone and android and is also a matter of interest concerning windows phone app development. The active tiles keep the user informed about what’s running on the phone. The other hardware features such as the camera and the touch screen response of Lumia are better than their counterparts. As an affirmation to its superior interface, device makers such as Motorola and Samsung has also announced windows phone 8 handsets. Samsung will make galaxy S3 which will be powered by windows 8 operating system. Recently Steve Wozniak, co founder of Apple has recently expressed his preference on Nokia Lumia over the android phones which must be taken seriously in content of windows phone app development.

The notorious monopoly of Apple killing its carriers

Leading mobile carriers in US are growing sick of the exploding sale figures of the iPhone. It has been reported that last year iPhone contributed to 50% of the total sales for AT&T and even Verizon has registered similar statistics. While apple sells an unlocked iPhone for $649 however AT&T and Verizon sell it for $199 for a contract of 2 years. The carriers are thus growing impatient of the dominance of Apple over the Smartphone market which can later lead to even higher subsidies from these carriers. To put a break on Apples monopoly the carriers are now supporting windows phone to strike a balance in the market and increase their profits as well.

Facts convey that windows phone OS on Nokia makes a leading Smartphone and thanks to the carriers who are pushing the windows phone that can help the OS establish a bigger ecosystem. The results have already been positive and the future seems better for windows phone app development.

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