Before you hire an iPhone app developer from India

Things that you need to consider before you hire an off-shore iPhone app development company.Read more.

India has emerged as the most preferred destination for iPhone app development. The reason as most of the critiques would put, is the easy availability of iPhone app developers. It is infact true as Indian iPhone app developers can be hired at a rate of $15 to $20 per hours. But, there are some important factors that differentiate a preferred developer from the competition.

After you run an initial search enquiring development skills and capabilities of an iPhone app development company, you must consider the following factors to get you iPhone application done within budget and without hassle.

Ability to choose your team

Your iPhone application would not always need a team of 10 or 20 elite iPhone software developers. It often happens that a particular portion of an iPhone application needs tricky line of coding that even a single but experienced developer can accomplish. It does not need 5 experienced developers to do the task. Thus it is important that the app development company gives you the freedom to interview and handpick your iPhone app development team that is optimal in size, skills and fits your pocket.

Ability to virtually brainstorm with the team during development

Many app development companies interact with clients on daily basis for the sake of updating them on the project status over phone, mail or over Skype. However, if clients and the development team share a platform that supports a visually perfect environment to follow the project status and share ideas at the same time then each step of the development process refines your app idea and creates a powerful application in the end. Thus it must be noted that the app development company provides such interactive and a live environment to share ideas through an online project management system. This leads to a better application in the end, saves development time and cost. Since we have been using our Project management platform with such features we feel that it’s just like a virtual brainstorming space which has lead to execution of some great app ideas.

The criterions listed above are the major and the most significant factors that affect the quality and development cost of your iPhone application. If you ever think of hiring an iPhone app development company from India consider these factors for a useful application.


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