Mobile websites have great potential but need special attention

Summary: With more than 1.08 billion Smartphone users, businesses are likely to treat Mobile website development with seriousness.

A whopping 1.08 billion Smartphones are live in this world, which are powered with advanced browsing abilities. With internet access on the go, mobile websites become an important tool that business owners should be interested about. Unlike websites which are optimized for high speed broadband with a specific page layout and formatting, mobile websites demand an enhanced coding structure to build light weight web pages that can engage mobile users.

There is a huge potential in the mobile internet market. Data reveals that 87% of the total Smartphone users have used internet on mobile for mostly to search a local business. More than 90% of the users use the internet to socialize on Smartphones and 81% of the total users use them while watching television. The most appealing fact about these devices that that these users are not tech junkies and this helps mobile websites to easily target a large number of users.

Off shore Mobile app development companies who often provide services for mobile website development also accept the booming trend of ‘broadband as well as mobile versions’ of websites. With the advent of technologies like HTML5 the bridge that existed between broadband and mobile websites are diminishing. Mobile app development companies also credit the innate abilities of iOS and android devices that come with geo-tracking, QR code reading etc. These technological features works great with mobile internet users rather than broadband users and will likely give a great boost to mobile website development in the coming times.

OpenXcell Technolabs is an Indian company providing top notch expertise in mobile website development and iphone app development services with expertise in technologies like HTML5.


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