HTML5-The catalyst for web based mobile applications

Summary: The web is shifting to smart phones. Read on to know the role of HTML5 in the following transformation.

The web is moving towards handheld devices steadily and Smartphones are playing a vital role in this metamorphosis. According to the latest data there are more than 850000 android device activated daily. The iOS platform also has a huge customer base and remains the most influential contributor.

This explosive growth has not only given rise to an app driven environment but it’s also facilitating the usage of web apps over the native ones. The major reason behind that lies behind the advocacy of web applications are their social connectivity options. Application owners have realized that there is more potential to a participative mobile game on Facebook which has huge earning potential through mobile advertising as compared to a native application installed in the mobile device. But at the brink of this change mobile devices need better technological backup to successfully carry out this transformation.

HTML5 promises to be the main technical catalyst that looks promising to carry out this change. HTML5 compatible applications are cost effective in mobile app development and has huge earning potential due to their cross functional compatibility across mobile OSs. The user experience provided by HTML5 gives user easy access, better performance with CSS3 and offline browsing support that makes HTML5 a front runner in the modulation of the web into Smartphones.


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