Why people love iPhone

The market statistics are staggering. iPhone 4S sold over 37 million iPhones over a quarter. With that big a number, the company holds over 8% of the global mobile phone segment.

Here are some of the reason why people world over peg their trust on iPhone.

Lots of apps: The iPhone app store has hundreds and thousands of apps for every possible thing that you can imagine. Due to the large customers-base wanting to load apps and fun games, iPhone app development has turned out to be a money spinning business.

Steve Jobs: The name is enough. iPhone app developer worship the man for his strong sense of design. The device is easy to use yet has the power to create compelling apps. Using iPhone specific features such as accelerometer, camera app, GPS tracking and others developers have built apps that are helping people to sync their professional and personal life.

Technology leader: Right from retina display to 8 megapixel camera, iPhone is way ahead of other smartphones. It is powered by iOS 5 which is the most advance mobile operating system yet. This gets the company those big sales numbers pouring in. After all, who would not want to experience the best technology first hand?

Treasure trust: The recent BlackBerry outrage is a classic case of how easy it is to loose even the most loyal of customers and suppliers. Most of the mobile app development  companies have either stopped developing BB apps or have put it on hold. You never hear of management goof-ups or engineering snafus for Apple products. They have been able to protect the trust of customers for over three decades now.


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