Cross platform Mobile Game Development for higher returns

Exposure of a mobile game or mobile app to users across major mobile platforms is necessary for greater profits. Read article to find out more.

Conscious categorization of human life, will segregate it into ‘work’ and ‘life’. Roughly, ‘work’ will hold for things that make our daily list of responsibilities while ‘play’ will signify the time we seek recreation. With the progression of technology in mobile devices these dimension of life are slowly merging into a single experience which are not different from each other. Mobile devices are providing us utility based connectivity options along with services that also add value which are directly related to emotional and social variables. This usage pattern of mobile devices has given birth to a whole new dimension of mobile game development and mobile app development in the current times which corporations are exploiting to churn out some useful money and a long lasting identity.

With a projection of 2 billion Smartphone users by 2015, mobile game development along with mobile app development has emerged as a cash cow. If it is done in an organized manner can ensure bulky and long lasting revenues. Apart from having a thorough understanding of the idea of the game which must be accompanied by strong coding and visualizations, the game must be able to function on multiple mobile OSs ensuring its exposure to the majority of the Smartphone users. The same condition applies to mobile apps as well which must also be exposed to a greater flux of prospects for more downloads and usage. It is thus highly recommended for corporations hiring app/game developers to check the familiarity of their developers with cross mobile platform before hiring.

There are various cross mobile game development and app development tools available in the market to work with. These tools will help you to create mobile applications and games that will be compatible with latest versions of Android, blackberry OS and iOS. Some of the cross mobile platforms that are currently in use –

• Unity 3d
• Appcelerator
• Mosync
• Corona
• Sencha Touch
• PhoneGap

Apart from creating cross functional apps these tools can also create apps which can easily attract advertisers towards a mobile app or game. They can advertise their offerings with these apps which will can be target oriented and effective. Due to the agility of mobile devices demographical variables can also be taken into consideration which can lead to fruitful exposure of communication message to the users hence assuring high ROI within a short span of time.

India has emerged as the most preferred hiring spot for mobile game developers and app developers. Knowledge workers who work in these offshore development centers in India, possess good software brains along with great communication skills. They are also client centric in their approach and often provide after sales service to their clients. Last but not the least their services are highly cost effective which gives them the edge over developers from other countries.

OpenXcell Technolabs is an Indian company providing top notch expertise in mobile game development along with cost effective mobile app development services. Openxcell is participating in CeBIT 2012– Hannover, Germany at Hall 6, Stand D-44.To know more about the company visit,


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