4 must-haves for the new age mobile game development

Here is a list of four must-haves that can get your mobile games massive downloads. Take a quick read to know the mobile game development success formula.

Android app market and the apple app store combine have over one million games. Light entertaining casual games to nerve wrenching racing games through to heart stopping action games – you can get seemingly endless games on your smartphone. Statistics reveal that games are among the most downloaded apps. From an entrepreneur’s perspective, trading in mobile games is a great money spinner.

But how you can break through the existing thick competition? Here is a quick guide to the must haves for your mobile game development that can surely make your games a commercial hit.

1. Augment reality: This is definitely the next generation technology. Currently, there aren’t many augment reality based games either for iPhone or for android. If you are planning to enter the mobile game segment, AR based games can be your unique selling proposition. Competition is less here. The latest iOS 5 supports mobile game development using AR. Also the just-launched ice cream sandwich android is reported to have an intact support for feature-rich apps and games.

2. Massive multiplayer: With this functionality in your game, multiple players can play the game at once. Users are required to have internet connectivity on their devices. If your mobile game development goes right, you can generate huge revenues with the multiplayer functionality. The game will spread a word for itself. This is how it goes. The initial players will ask their friends to download the game and join them in the game. Hope you see the point.

3. 3D graphics: This is not something new. However, the technologies for creating 3D graphics particularly for games have improved several times. Now you can get life-like facial expressions for your game characters, perfect water ripples, next-to-real shadows and much more. A good mix of an AR based game with quality 3D graphics has the potential to make your game ‘awesomest’.

4. Hire expert game developer: He knows how to put two and two together. You may get the recipe from a master chef but might not be able to cook it as good as he does. Why? Expertise. Likewise, you might have a game idea that has the potential to be a commercial hit and you might as well know exactly what you want on your mobile game. Yet, in the end it is the expertise of the mobile game developer that will would your thoughts into robust mobile games.

OpenXcell Technolabs, India specializes in augment reality based mobile game development with multiplayer facility for iPhone games, Android games and iPad games. To know more about the company and to view its mobile game work samples, visit http://www.openxcell.com/.


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