3 reasons why iPhone app development India can help you save big – iPhone App Developer India

Take a quick read to find out how you can get huge savings on your iPhone app development project by outsourcing it to Indian companies.

iPhone app store is extremely competitive. The way you price your app is crucial to its commercial success. To enjoy a bigger share of your profit, you can either lower down the app development cost or speed up the time to market. Choosing iPhone app development India allows you to get the benefit of both. If you belong to a western country then you can benefit from the time zone difference as well. Read on to find out how you can broaden your profit margin by outsourcing iPhone development to Indian companies.

Mark down prices: Let’s work this out. If you hire an iPhone developer from US on hourly basis, you would pay about $75 per hour. An expert iPhone developer from India will cost you about $20 an hour. You get a straight savings of $55 per hour. Say, it takes about eight weeks to complete your project, and your developer works for eight hours each day. Simply by switching to an offshore partner you save more than $2500 on the total app development project.

Flexible work timing: Time-zone difference plays the trick here. Say, you asked your offshore partner to make certain changes at 5pm. Next day when you sit at your desk at 9am, you can check that the changes have been made. While you enjoyed your evening with family, your iPhone app was being worked at all along.

App development often requires multiple revision cycles. By partnering an offshore app development company you can speed up the revision cycle and thereby reduce your time to market.

Take advantage of diverse portfolio: India is a hub of outsourced IT. Majority of the app development companies have a diverse team of expert developers, talented app designers, quality testing and on-demand support. You don’t need to find and pay separately to an app designer or to get your app tested for functionality. This way you save a lot of time in finding the missing talent and coordinating it with the app development team. Outsourcing to an expert Indian company will give free you up from the hassles of iPhone app development.

Yet, quality issues and language barrier have come up as the major hurdles in outsourcing. These can be tackled if you choose an expert iPhone app development company that completely understands the outsourcing model and works to nullify every problem faced while outsourcing.

OpenXcell Technolabs is an offshore iPhone app development company and is ISO 9001:2008 certified. We provide hire iPhone app developer services at very affordable prices. To view our iPhone app portfolio and to get a free quote, visit http://www.openxcell.com/.


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