5 reasons to choose Joomla web development for your Ecommerce site

Your Ecommerce site is your gateway to the world of internet. You need to choose a web development framework that showcases your business with an impact. Here are five compelling reasons to choose Joomla for your Ecommerce website.

1. Low cost & great returns: No sunk cost of purchasing the software, paying for its license or paid-support. Joomla is open source software. All you pay for is the Joomla web development cost. If you choose to outsource web development, you further slash down your costs.

As an Ecommerce site your major focus is to be on the top search rankings or else you might loose your customers to your competitors. Joomla framework is a concrete base for SEO web design. Its search and indexing extensions turn your website into an SEO friendly site. This way you save on your search marketing costs as well.

2. Constant community support: Joomla is run by 200,000+ community users. At any point in time if you have any problems with adding new product images or managing the back-end of your website, you can get handy help from its active community members instantly – absolutely free.

3. Quick bug-fixing: The vast community of Joomla updates it every six months. The focus is to make the existing version better by bug-fixing and improving features. You can upgrade your website yourself by simply following the guidelines. None the less it is strongly recommended that you hire Joomla developers to do so. They will help you to perfectly upgrade your website to the latest version without any loss of data or modifications in the interface.

4. 8000+ Extensions: Joomla currently serves 8444 extensions to its users. This means you have 8444 ways to make your Ecommerce site feature-rich and keep your customers engaged on your website! There is still more to it. You can choose to get custom-made extensions as well to fit your specific requirements.

5. World’s big companies trust it: For an Ecommerce site owner it’s crucial that e-transactions are secured. About 2.7% of all the websites existing today are running on Joomla. This testifies it is a secured, reliable and a great framework to build feature-rich websites on.

To get a high ROI on your Joomla web development, you should consider outsourcing it from the Asian countries such as India. Indian companies have a pool of talented Joomla developers. If you belong to the western part of the world, outsourcing your Joomla web development project to the Asian counties will benefit you in two ways. First, you save huge on the web development whilst getting superior quality work. Second, you can reduce your time-to-market drastically with the large time gap.

OpenXcell Technolabs has been helping its client’s with simple yet robust Joomla web development solutions. The company has solid expertise in Joomla template development and Joomla extension development. To know more about the company visit, http://www.openxcell.com/.


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