3-step guide to nullify problems faced in outsourcing iPad Game Development

Outsourcing helps cut down costs drastically. But it comes with major problems like low quality and communication gap. Read on to find out how you can smartly nullify every outsourcing bottleneck.

Outsourcing iPad game development comes with a huge cost benefit when compared with doing the same thing in-house. Yet quality concerns and communication gap have been a bottleneck in making the final outsourcing decision. Here is a 3-step guide to help you make the most out of your outsourcing iPad game development project.

Step 1- Gain absolute concept clarity: The iPad game is your brainchild. Take some extra time to refine and organize the game concept. Take a piece of paper and start scribbling. Here are a few things you should consider, whom do the game target, 2D or 3D game, what’s your budget range, are there any similar games in the Apple’s app store, if yes what are their strong points and drawbacks. Search out some graphics you think matches the best with your game theme. Remember: your outsourcing partner can only help you to turn your idea into an iPad game. The more clear you are about your idea, the better iPad game development you will get.

Step 2-Do your research right: iPad game development is a niche service and today you have thousands of companies offering this services, thanks to the solid OS of iPad. If you are budget-tight, go through the websites of iPad game development companies and request a quote. It’s free and you get a sense of their expertise too. After you have shortlisted the companies, talk about your game concept with them. Remember: This is a crucial stage, don’t rush through it. Once you find the right match for your project, you don’t have to ask them to do the obvious changes and can concentrate on your business operations.

Step 3- Get your communication right: Communication is not limited to language skills. It’s a way of transferring ideas. You don’t need to write lengthy paragraphs or have long talks about how you want your game to look like on the iPad. Use diagrams, wireframes, sample games or give out some reference material to ensure that you and your offshore partner are on the same page. Handling communication wisely translates into speedy iPad game development, more time to make corrections and reduced time to market.

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  1. Outsourcing Services September 8, 2011 / 11:25 am

    Yes, very true. It is very important to partner with the right outsourcing partner to get the maximum benefits from outsourcing

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