Powering your website by infusing backlinks in your comments helps high PR of your website

Marketing is a way to lead your product/service/company to level where you always wanted to. It is a strategy to boast something that entices customers, so they can take action against it. Direct and Indirect there are myriad ways of marketing, nonetheless, an appropriate marketing is something that directly passes your message to your targeted market. Today the internet has become the finest source to make people aware about something. The internet is a source where from the study to business everything is done seamlessly.

When we use words “Internet marketing” these words also consists of many sub ways of marketing. Now which way will lead your goal can only be judged by an expertise and experienced company. Blog commenting is one of them. Blogging is nothing but a networking activity that people usually follow when they know or heard about them. People jot comments and some ask questions and so on. Blog commenting service is very beneficial for active bloggers who keeps on updating their blog timely. There are two sub categories of high PR Blog commenting Do-follow blog commenting and No-follow blog commenting.

Do-follow blog bookmarking generates backlinks which aids in boosting your website rank in major search engines. No-follow blog commenting helps to populate a link which is saved on the web page to share with others. We, Openxcell ensure to come up with newer posts and generate quality backlinks while posting the comments on your blog. This will not only allow your website to interact with quality traffic but will also ensure high ranking of your website.


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