Sophisticated E-commerce platform exemplifies elegance not the accessibility

E-commerce has become the core business of online trading, and it is expanding day by day. Looking at people’s involvement in this filed seems that more public prefers to shop online than moving to stores or malls. In this situation, one has to develop an online store that not only entices a customer through it’s elegance but also an accessibility is as important as catching an eye of a customer. There are many platforms available to build an online store; however, the one which allows to you to interact easily and mend seamlessly in the future if required can be a great choice. One of those platforms is Drupla E-commerce solution with Ubercart.

Openxcell is deeply involved with this platform and has executed numerous Drupla E-solutions.
The development of Drupla E-commerce solutions is now amplifying extensively as its robust features and inbuilt functionalities make the online store mange with no hurdles. Ubercart is an open source e-commerce package that fully integrates with Drupal; this synthesis allows a developer to meet your requirement.

Below are the core modules that our Drupla E-commerce development includes.

  • Shopping cart and product ‘look and feel’ are themeable
  • Create taxes, charges and discounts
  • Subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Receive donations
  • Sell file downloads, shippable items, bundles or even on-the-fly customizable products
  • Inventory management
  • Payment and shipping plugins: The system can use PayPal,, eWAY, C.O.D. or you can roll your own.
  • Invoice generation and email notifications
  • Transaction and payment workflows
  • Reports and sales summaries
  • Customers can review their order history
  • Run an auction site

These admin functionalities can also be amended based on one’s requirement. The best aspect of above module is it also includes e-marketing solution wherein you can send the new promotions, newsletters or any updates to your customer in bulk at a time.


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