SEO algorithms are nothing but a math of Google

As math is solved talking formulas into the consideration in the same way Google has its own algorithms to encapsulate hierarchy of websites in its search engine. The things that Google examines while evaluating a website are Search Engine friendly design structure, Back links and Content. These are three primary things that an internet marketing experts or SEO experts should keep in mind while working on a website. If these three elementary things are vague than a website will never be SEO friendly and will always lack in ranking.

Now let’s see how these three aspects play a vital role in search engine optimization.

Search engine friendly design structure

Until the design was not speculated one of the algorithms of search engine optimization people went on developing high graphic and elegant websites that entice the users by its outlook. However, later as design structure affected the hierarchy of website people started asking for accessibility. The parameters of designing a SEO website include proper involvement of certain items such as heading tags and graphics. If the website is not designed SEO friendly, sometimes it becomes very hurdle to alter the design and layout of a website and make it SEO friendly.


Backlinks are also called as inbound/incoming links that refer to the relevant information/page or even sometimes entire website. This algorithm counts the backlinks a website or web page contains and put them forward the one which has the highest backlinks; because more relevant information is reckoned by search engine algorithms that’s why a website with the highest backlinks achieves more popularity.


While above components makes a site crawl seamlessly with the back support. Eventually content is an ultimate key that pulls up a website based on users query. Injecting the keywords in content that users use to end up their need helps conceiving a website and retains good rank. However, it doesn’t mean that webpages are just filled with targeted keywords, incorporating required keywords and proper way of formulating in a sentence is reckoned accurate.

The search engine optimization for small business is very imperative since it uplifts the business by creating the visibility. Openxcell SEO company ensures all above things are in a right path while developing a website.


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