Google Search: as per the Typed Query!

Now Google is planning to gift the online searchers with a new feature through the search engine, which will derive the search results without inputting the keystroke ‘enter’! Google is testing this new feature to display the search results where online searchers need not to wait for long in order to fetch the results from the search engine.

This time Google is implementing the concept like the one Mozilla follows or Spotlight on the Mac follows, Google will have the search box located on the top of the search engine result page and the user will type the search query in it. In the mean time, the search results of the search engine result page will vary as per the typed keywords in the search box by the online searchers instantly on the go. This feature will not only save the time of the online searchers but also will be a benefit from the SEO perspective, as it will help in advanced searching the online competitors based on the typed keywords. However this is not a surprise to the online traders as Google always comes with the breakthrough features, sometime to entertain the online users and sometimes to enhance their business platforms. But this time you categorize the feature as per your thoughts!


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