Android App for US Open 2010 Tennis Lovers!


US Open 2010 Tennis Application

OpenXcell has come up with something new. Guess what! Android application for US Open 2010 Tennis lovers. Something completely new and at an affordable price quotes. The application is been built with an awesome features. One of the main features the application has is updates of individual matches as well as complete tournament. There are lot other features that this application has which make the application completely unique. Let’s share some of its features.

  • Live Score Updates
  • History of the Matches
  • Live Tennis Match News
  • Spectator Information
  • Schedule of the Matches
  • Notifications of the Events
  • Live Tweets

Openxcell offers a golden opportunity to grab Android application which can be accessed on your Android mobile phones as well as HTC Sprint. So if you have an Android mobile phone or HTC Sprint and if you are a US open 2010 Tennis lover grab this application. This time bring a change in your daily act, instead of watching the television for the Tennis tournament access the Android app on your mobile. For the first time you need not to adjust your schedule to watch the biggest tournament rather you can enjoy yourself anywhere with the mobile app.


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