Android App Development

Android Apps Inventor emerging the need of Application Developers!

OpenXcell - Android Application DevelopmentDespite the popularity of the iPhone in the present market, there is a growing fascination surrounding Android Application. Undoubtedly Apple’s iPhone is reliable enough but there is something enticing about Android that is clearly replenishing the market needs.

In simple terms, Android is the operating system for the mobile application. It is the Linux based operating system that embeds the Java applications and runs over the Linux kernel. Google’s Android Application however contains 12 million lines of codes that include XML, C and none other than Java.

Android Application
narrates its superiority through many factors, like its browser’s compatibility to support flash files, its outstanding page loading speed which is incomparable with Safari the only browser of iPhone, its multi-notification system that meets almost half of the market’s demands.

Apart from this, Android application is configured for performing endless personalization. Thus, Google has made it easy to set your phone as per your consent. Do you feel personalization is everything that you were always needed? If your response is somewhat negative then, to meet your expectations, Google has introduced Android Application Inventor. The name clearly depicts its usage; the Android Inventor is used to create simple applications. No matter whether you have any programming knowledge or not but this app has been introduced by Google to develop apps by a non-developer.

It might sound interesting that now, anyone can operate the OS and can utilize various functionalities to create new tunes, or creative background but, every coin has two sides! One can create simple apps definitely but what about creating complex business apps? While the question arises related to business applications then, there comes the need of the programmer or the developer! Business applications need the technical touch which can be accommodated by the programmers to meet the accuracy. Where comes the accuracy factor, we at Openxcell Technolabs always stand by our client’s side, understand our client’s needs and do the needful to meet the perfection.  Our best trained professionals offer their professionalism in channelized directions to turn our client’s dreams into reality.


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