Top 6 Blogging Apps For iPhone 2017

Top 6 Blogging Apps For iPhone 2017

Blogging is not about writing on different genres. It’s about building a strong connection between a writer and a reader. Earlier, a writer used to carry a pen and a notepad so that he can pen his thoughts and share it online for others to read.

Today, with the evolution in technology, these handy resources are replaced by blogging apps. Top iPhone app development companies worldwide have build commendable blogging apps that have changed the world of writers.

Brace yourself, writers… Unveiling 6 fantastic iPhone blogging apps.

  1. iBlogger: it is a top-rated and highly recommended app for you. Not a free app. It costs $10. It supports WordPress, Blogger, Express Engine and many more popular blogging platforms where you love to publish. Besides this, it also provides features required to write a perfect blog for the audience.
  2. BlogPress: It is an another paid app for you. Available in the iTunes stores at a sales price of $2.99. It provides stupefying features like uploading files, image editing, schedule publishing, tracking location, sharing on social media forms and various others. It also supports major blogging platforms making the publishing task easy.
  3. Adobe Express:  Not a writing app. It is a mini adobe Photoshop version wherein you can create and edit the images at your fingertips. It provides a feature of uploading an image regardless of their location and extension. You can also create a collage of your choice or can opt for automatic collage creation.
  4. Weebly: A well-known blogging platform wherein you publish often. It’s mobile version is quite user-friendly and interactive. It provides you to customise your mobile site your own way using responsive themes. It also helps in monitoring the traction time-to-time basis along with the features to write awesome blogs.
  5. Blogo: It’s a blog editing tool designed for iOS 9 version and above. It provides a wide space to write blogs on the major platforms like WordPress, Medium, Blogger. Plus, it also provides the feature to share it on different social media channels or promote it through email marketing. We can conclude it by saying “One stop shop for writing amazing blogs.” It’s a freemium app. One more interesting thing about this app- it has bagged the “Apple Best App 2016”| App Store title.
  6. Page: Not a writing app but editing app. It enhances the blog by checking the grammar and sentence formation issues. It is a product of Ginger Software which you trust the most. You have the space to check each spelling, correct each improper sentence and make it easy to read for readers. It is a paid app costing $3.99.

Summing Up

Writing is not an easy task. It needs a lot of creativity in order the grab the users’ attention. The above apps are exclusively designed considering a writer’s viewpoint.

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It is important for businesses to efficiently manage their interactions with their customers. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) System today integrates and automates sales, marketing, vendor data, customer support and more in one easy to use solution. CRM software can help you find leads, nurture prospects and help them into sales funnel. CRM solutions integrate your data and pick up useful information for you to act on. A good CRM system helps you stay efficient. Generally if you are looking for a CRM software for your business you need to firstly focus on your reasons for going for CRM software. Why do you really need a CRM software? Which features you think you would need? And then you have to consider your budget. How much are you willing to shell out for the software.

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App Development Cost : How much does it cost and takes time to make an app

Today, we are so much addicted to smartphones that business, banking, shopping, food ordering, socializing, doctor’s appointment, everything seems  just a click away. How many of you agree? Most of us would agree…

Earlier, we had to travel miles to shop, banking, socialize, friends meet, business work and spent almost half a day leaving the routine work in mid. And now! Our lives have become so smooth, carefree and quick as if we have transferred all important works to this handy device.

Have we ever thought of such evolution? Truly speaking not!  The way, the technology has evolved our lives, we cannot predict the future.

Looking at this change, huge companies have made mobile applications a medium to connect and interact with millions of users.  But are we aware of the time and cost invested in developing these apps? No?

Fret not! Here is the list of most popular apps we use daily along with the development time and cost.


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KFC, or the Kentucky Fried Chicken – the American fast food restaurant chain specializing in fried Chicken can now be found globally in every big and small city. Its expansion was based on the premise that if a much loved product from US of A is taken to another country, it could get the same amount of love from the citizens of a new country. And KFC turned out to be a winner –everywhere. Sometimes you do need to add the local flavour- the local spices to international dishes to localize them and to make them more popular. In Japan, KFC had to include new items like smoked chicken, yogurt, fish and chips in its menu. Mashed potatoes were replaced with French fries. The coleslaw was less sweeter than the US version to suit the Japanese palate. That is how globalization works. Let’s say the app you developed is pretty popular in your country. There is no reason why you should not try to get more users for your app from different countries. Your app – if it has the potential, deserves to go global and local. How do we do that? Let’s discuss.

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How User Experience Can Increase Your eCommerce Mobile Sales?

Mobile continues to rapidly gain the space in eCommerce. This year, mobile traffic volume outpaced desktop. However, the scenario is not the same for conversion rate. According to the smart insight report, desktop wins the game and records 67% of eCommerce online sales in the year 2016 which is down compared to the sales in the year 2015.

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Top Mobile Technologies that Reconsider Your Marketing

Top Mobile Technologies that Reconsider Your MarketingMarketing has a huge impact on users. However, professionals find unique ways to craft marketing strategies and influence users.

This is the mobile era, and today, approximately half of the world’s population owns a smartphone. Besides, on an average 80% of the users time is spent on apps which need internet connection.

Considering these facts, marketers adopted mobile as a primary source for marketing and built an opportunity for mobile app development companies.

You may have witnessed the craze of the popular game Pokemon Go which was developed using Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Beacon technology. The craze slowed down but these technologies left an impression on the players.

Though they are used mainly in making mobile games, they can do wonders in marketing. The proof of the above statement is Facebook’s new app update which has AR Features. Posting Live videos with real-time comments and likes. Also, “This or That” feature with Giphy Live Animated GIF is an amazing one.

Facebook crafted amazing marketing strategies using Augmented Reality to keep users engage and increase the number of users.

Prisma app soared the app store charts within a week after launch because of the new technologies that evolved the image editing phenomenon. Using Artificial Intelligence and neural technology, the app was designed with 33 artistic filters that add beauty to the original pic.

Artificial intelligence is a buzzword in marketing. It can aid marketing professionals to focus on creating a truly personal and interactive marketing strategies that increase users engagement. Chatbots, for example, help marketers resolve the queries efficiently.
It also gives time to innovate ideas and recreate the product through effective emails, campaigns and promotional activities.

Beacon Technology became popular with the adrenaline game Pokemon Go. The way the technology was used in the app amazed the users. iBeacons are used to enable the location services of the smartphones and provide relevant location search result to the users.

This new technology has magnificent benefits for marketers. It helps them to collect customers data with location. For instance, Zomato app has this technology enabled allowing marketers to collect and analyse the data which location and restaurant are searched more often.

To be precise, this technology is now used by retailers. Retailers can collect data about customers’ shopping habits that help them rethink on their marketing strategies, store location, and offers that align with what the customers are looking for. Thus, enhancing retailers’ overall experience.

Summing Up

The technology is evolving marketing techniques and helping marketers to innovate unique ideas to promote brand and products. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, AI and iBeacon are the popular ones which redefined digital marketing.

The one which inspired many was NHS Hospital’s AR blood donation campaign. The hospital launched AR billboard campaign that allowed participants to virtually fill the bag and get register as a blood donor. This campaign was organised majorly in London and Birmingham.

The second example is IKEA catalog app that uses image recognition technology. This app allows users to virtually place furniture at home and figure out its use.


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Cloud technology, generally referred as Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet. These services could be related to a software, storage, database, networks, servers, analytics and more.

According to IDC, the worldwide spending on public cloud computing will increase from $67 Billion in 2015 to $162 Billion in 2020. The use of clouds has revolutionised the way we live and conduct our businesses. Let’s look at some ways Clouds have made our lives easier and better.

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Pen Your Unique Ideas On Your Device Using Blogging Apps

Blogging ain’t about writing on latest trends or current affairs, it’s about building an emotional connection with the readers. No matter what topic we pick, no matter what we write, what matters is the words that connect us with our audience.

We bloggers scribble, prattle, erase and again start with a fresh, smoking hot cup of tea, thinking about the topic trying to pen whatever springs up in the mind.

How wonderful is to write? To carry a pen and a notepad everywhere isn’t possible. There should be a handy device that keeps us enthusiast and allows us to ink our thoughts whenever and wherever we are.

Eureka! Eureka! I found remarkable blogging apps where we can pen down our creative ideas that constantly flows in and out and let our followers discover what’s interesting in the tidbit?

Source: Pen Your Unique Ideas On Your Device Using Blogging Apps